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Square Avalanche:

Square Avalanche is a simple game that can offer hours of mindless fun. The objective is to climb as high as possible with out being squished by falling blocks or drowning in the purple liquid.


The game has a standard mode that gets progressively harder, but also has a rapid mode that starts with a hardened difficulty. Further more, this game can be played with two people, however they must use the same computer as this game does not use LAN or play over the internet. There is also a hidden Easter egg, but you will have to get the ultimate score of 999999 to find it.


Use A,W,D to move or the arrow keys.

In two player mode player one (the black rectangle) uses A,W,D and player 2 (the grey rectangle uses the arrow keys.


The Menu music is Nova by Ahrix

The Main gameplay music is Wonderland by Underwaterbeats


Install instructions

Run the application file called Square Avalanche or Square Avalanche.exe


Square Avalanche.exe 16 MB

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